Syria is one of those horrible situations where you struggle to “support” a side, because all sides are dicks. You have terrorists, then you have “freedom fighters” using terrorist tactics, a dictator who’s allegedly willing to use chemical weapons on his own people, and Kurds who just want the independence they’ve been fighting for for a lot longer.
In short, it’s a shit show, it’s highly unlikely any decision can be made without casualties. One thing the world can’t stand for is horrific actions like the use of chemical weapons by a sovereign nation (something that is against the geneva protocol that Syria signed) against that nations own population.
So, as an outsider, god I can’t believe I’m saying this. I support Trumps actions.
This all depends on IF (big if) the reports of chemical weapon usage were true and accurate, at least in the short term. We put a lot of faith in our leaders to act correctly on accurate intel, usually intel that we, the general public, can’t see. Is that the case here. Has Assad used gas based weapons. If he has then where’s the evidence. We’re fairly sure they were used, but by who? One could argue that Assad is so much of a threat that we should take this as a welcome excuse to use military force against him, but isn’t it better to be right? Action against Assad does make life easier for ISIL, maybe ISIL used the weapons and made it look like Assad. Maybe not. We don’t know, and launching 49 missiles shouldn’t be based on a “don’t know”.
Trump could easily have jumped on this as a way to show some distance between Russia and himself, dispelling recent stories. It could be a distraction from his recent failed policy woes.
The big problem for the USA now though, and something that concerned me when we had the UK debate on involvement in Syria, is this a slippery slope? The stance has been declared, a line has been drawn in the sand. You were involved before, but now it’s much deeper, and you need to follow through. You’re playing referee to the conflict and punishing all sides when they step out of line. You’ve also just painted a really big target on yourselves, however you could also counter that argument by saying ISIL might be softer on you because you just helped them out big time.